About Us

Ta’aluq Foundation is a non-profit organization that has been set up by a group of youngsters to bring a worthwhile change in the world. Since 2016, Taaluq has been seeking solutions to make education available to everyone. Our concept is to advocate and fight on behalf of the impoverished people.



Our main focus is on providing education to all individuals and specially females We want to ensure that the gender ratio in our classrooms is equal and all the students get valuable education.


We will make sure to conduct our services in a way which maintains transparent, honset & ethical services. Plus, we will do the right thing which will benefit the future of the world. We will keep all our operations transparent to eliminate the chance of doubts.


Our aim is to make women strong and powerful. We want them to acknowledge that being a women is their supreme acheivement. Also, we strive to create awareness amongst the people of conventional regions to let their women study and work.


The brains behind Taaluq are three youngsters who are willing to work together. The teamwork is the bridge which will provide them a path to walk towards the journey of promoting education & creating awareness.


Our team is passionate towards the idea of a peaceful world without uneducated individuals. For that reason, they all continually put their efforts in this cause. They have a powerful passion for encouraging education and bringing forth new solutions and ideas to create awareness.


We are constantly creating and implementing solutions to uplift the people to work on this cause of education. We are reaching out to well-known personalities and organizations to support us in this cause. We want all of them to be united with us and work efficiently.