CoronaVirus Crisis – Lockdown in Pakistan

In just two weeks, coronavirus cases in Pakistan numbered to be more than 800. It is said that the number of the cases will multiply if the situations is not tackled properly. Hence, the government has called the military to help them in stopping the spread of this dangerous virus.

The coronavirus cases have outnumbered to be more than 850 with six deaths. A notifications has been issued in Punjab, Sindh, KPK, Balochistan, Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan, it says “The Competent Authority, in exercise of the powers conferred under Article 245 of the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan and Section I31-A of CrPC is pleased to authorize deployment of sufficient strength of troops of Pakistan Army in Punjab province depending upon the requirement to be worked out by the provincial Government in liaison with the Army authorities in connection with the prevailing situation related to the spread of COVID-19 and matters ancillary thereto, subject to laws enforced in Pakistan,”

CoronaVirus – Government Of Sindh

A lockdown is imposed in Sindh for 15 days to control the situation. In Punjab, the CM imposed measures to encourage social distancing but they clarified that the province is neither under a lockdown nor a curfew.

Due to the lockdown in the province, the needy people are suffering a lot. The people who earned daily wages cannot afford basic necessities. Hence, we have planned to distribute rashan amongst the needy families.

Coronavirus – Helping Needy

While the government is imposing a plan including forced social distancing, complete lockdown, raising awareness about the treat and encouraging volunteerism among the public.

However, the daily wagers and poor workers will go through hardships during this three week lockdown. Due to this reason, the government is resisting in imposing a complete lockdown and the slow and reluctant decisions are letting the coronavirus to spread more freely.

Lockdown and social distancing will make living expensive and also it will hit the economy which is already in dire straits. But, it is important to take this bitter pill in order to stop the virus from killing more people. Everyone has to work united in preventing the spread of this virus. This is why Taaluq is here to support the daily wagers and low income citizens at this time of hardship. We are making arrangements to ensure availability of adequate food and resources. We have planned to distribute rashan amongst the needy families during this period of lockdown.

آٹا…………20 کلو …. 1240

چاول…..کلو 5 …….600

چینی….. 2کلو……164

دال چنا..1کلو…….160

دال مسور…1 کلو..140

چائے کی پتی…1 پاؤ…205

آئل………………2 لٹر…..210

نمک………….. 1 کلو.. 30


ٹوٹل……………….  2819

Coronavirus – Join us

We want to make sure that the people are not suffering due to lack of food and medicines. At this time, we need your help. You can

  • Send us money for Raashan
  • Buy raashan and our volunteers will collect it from you
  • Join as a volunteer
  • Spread awareness through social media

Each contribution is important to us. If not anything, then spread this word. You can save the needy people from suffering.

However, we started the campaign yesterday and today we have been able to distribute the rashaan amongst the needy families. Many poor people reach out to us for help, if you want to contribute something, these are the account details.

Account Title: Taaluq Foundation

Account # 02013176839

Bank: Soneri bank

Account Title: Taaluq Foundation

Account # 55925000819128

Bank: Bank Al falah ( Islamic )

Moreover, you can share this blog or our facebook message with your contacts,

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