meant to aid the unprivileged families which have children willing to learn throughthiscoaching center. Their education sponsorship will be aided using donors and sponsors who are willing to aid these girls through the project.The project will serve as a key to educate the people of Orangi town and improve the financial and health conditions as well as secure the lives and futures of hundreds of families.

The project will also show that Pakistan is moving on promoting its education, especially for the low-class families, as generosity at highest level. The girls can get their normal coaching for 1st year, 2nd year, B. Com, BSc and BA. They can get an added advantage by completing an English language course and computer proficiency course at the coaching center. Starting the project from this year 2019, we want to initiate Mein Padna Chahti hun. The learning process will begin immediately when we have sponsors available for students as donors start coming. The project also aims at cutting down violence and poverty in Orangi town.