Corona viruses are a large family of viruses that are known to cause sickness fluctuating from the common cold to severe diseases such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). Although for most people Corona virus cause only mild sickness, it can make some people very ill. Infrequently, Corona virus can be lethal. Older people and the people with previous medical issues (such as high blood pressure, heart issues, or diabetes) emerge to be unprotected.

Taaluq Foundation is a well known charity organization which helps poor people by providing them food, education and other facilities. In this pandemic situation, Taaluq Foundation decided to join war against Corona virus by which they can help the poor and needy people. Here are some of the ways by which taaluq Foundation is helping people to fight against Corona virus.



Taaluq is working day and night for the health of poor and needy people. In this situation our volunteers are providing free health care products to the people who actually need them. Basically health care products are the products which give energy and make a person healthy, so that the people can easily fight against Corona virus. But for all this we need your help as a charity donation with the help of your donation we can help more needy and poor people. Donate as much as you can as a charity donation.



Antiseptic sprays are those which help to stop the growth of micro organisms such as Corona Virus. In this case we have sprayed hospitals, offices, and many religious places with the antiseptic sprays so that we can control the growth of Corona virus. Almost 200+ places have been sanitized by Taaluq Foundation. All we need your help as a charity donation so that we can help more and more people who actually need it.



While the government is imposing a plan including forced social distancing, complete lockdown, raising awareness about the treat and encouraging volunteerism among the public. However, the daily wagers and poor workers will go through hardships during this lockdown. Due to this reason, the government is resisting in imposing a complete lockdown and the slow and reluctant decisions are letting the corona virus to spread more freely. Due to this entire situation needy people are unable to buy ration for their families, so we decided to distribute ration among those families who actually need it. Help as charity donation so that we can help more families.

So these were the ways by which Taaluq is helping people to live safely in this pandemic situation. We all should stand against Corona virus and help the people who are suffering from this entire situation. You can easily donate us as a charity donation so that we can help more people. This is the time where we all should stand together and work together. Stay home! Stay safe!

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