Providing Drinking Water

Ta'aluq Water Project

Taaluq foundation is a professionally managed, non-profit organization which work for the under privileged masses of the society who are unable to bear a standard livelihood. Our way of helping is to spend the money we raise through small projects that make huge difference. We support people on the ground that implement these projects successfully. Firstly, we identify the real problems and after then we try to resolve it.


Over 50% population are in need of immediate water project funding in Karachi. Over the last decade Karachi as well whole Pakistan is facing the problem of water scarcity. We don’t even have enough sweet water reserves for daily domestic use. Along with poverty the water issue of the city is making the life of poor more vulnerable. The Taaluq Foundation has his vigilant eyes over this issue. So, we already took a step forward and open up water borings in backward areas of Karachi. Almost 500 people will take benefits of this first step. Still, we are need more water reservoirs. Hundreds of these small projects needs to be initiated to fulfill the water need of the city

People out there are in need of your help so don’t wait start being blessing for them. Participate in this initiative and bring difference to the society.

When clean water reaches a community that has never had access to it. New jobs are created, young women can stay in school, and children are healthy. Everyone thrives! We work with the local community to set up sustainable clean water and health and hygiene programs. When our purification systems are installed, the locals have complete ownership. We aren’t serving weak, helpless people, we are working alongside strong, intelligent brothers and sisters. You see, we don’t give free aid, we give the tools and resources needed

to empower a community: body, mind and soul. Clean water changes bodies. Education changes minds. Living Water changes souls.